Don’t let Macular Degeneration stop you from seeing and enjoying life.

Ruby XL HD offers an adjustable magnification range allowing you to easily enlarge images such as menus, newspapers, prescription labels, signs, price tags and so much more. If you have Macular Degeneration, a nice large image can reduce the strain on your eyes when reading or viewing something small. Choose from 20 different color contrast combinations to help make images and text appear brighter and more visible; therefore, making them easier to identify. A built-in rechargeable battery ensures you’ll enjoy your visual freedom no matter where you go!

See for yourself why Ruby XL HD is one of the most popular, easy-to-use electronic magnifiers available.


Ruby XL HD Features:

  • 2x – 14x magnification
  • 5-inch widescreen LCD
  • Lightweight 10.5-ounce design
  • Built-in reading stand
  • Rechargeable battery - 3 hours of continuous use
  • Image Capture Freeze Frame
  • 20 high-contrast color combinations
  • Save and send images to your PC with USB port

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